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Interesting patterns



Line Length :: Length of line drawn per instruction.
Line Scale (%) :: Amount line scales upon branching.
Line Width :: Initial line width.
Line Taper (%) :: Amount line width tapers upon branching.
Line Color(s) :: One or more colors (hexadecimal) for lines (iterates in branches)
Background Color :: Base color of image (hexadecimal).
Initial Angle :: Angle of first line drawn.
Angle Width :: Width of angle change on (+) or (-) in grammar.
Angle Increment :: Amout angle changes (in degrees) upon branching.
Iterations :: number of iterations when grammar is initially written.
Start Condition :: Initial Axiom for grammar.
Grammar :: List of instructions for drawing the Lindenmayer object.
Draw Speed :: Number of instructions acted upon per tick.

RENDER :: Begin the drawing sequence.
PAUSE :: Pause/Resume the drawing.
CLEAR :: Clear the canvas

Status :: Current state of app
Import/Export :: Import or export ruleset from the application. Download Image :: Downloadable image created from app.


All grammars must start with "F:".
F :: Draw a line of Line Length, at the current angle.
f :: Move the pen without drawing by Line Length, at the current angle.
+ :: Increase angle by value of Angle Width.
- :: Decrease angle by value of Angle Width.
[ :: Start a branch
] :: Comple a branch