Procedural Terrain Explorer

Texture Details

(default .007)
(default 8)
(default .5)
(default .33)
(default 3)
(default 3, +/- for C/CW)


SAVE IMAGE - right-click or alt-click on the terrain and choose "save image"

SEED - Random number which determines from where in the number space the grid of values will be drawn.

SCALE - Modifier for "zoom" into the pattern. Uses very small numbers

OCTAVES - Level of detail of the fractal pattern used to generate the pattern

COMPLEXITY - Modifier for level of complexity of the pattern

ELEVATION - vertical scale of perspective view of landscape

PIXEL SIZE - size of units of color used to draw the pattern.

ROTATION SPEED - how fast the landscape rotates. Positive numbers for clockwise, negative numbers for counter-clockwise.

SAMPLE GRADIENTS - A set of pre-calculated patterns for exploring the possibilities of the explorer.

GRADIENT INPUTS - Used for modifyingthe R/G/B components of the stops along the gradient. Stops can be added or removed and percentage positions along the gradient.

Gradient Inputs